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Pandell's enterprise solutions are designed to readily integrate with other financial, operational, and industry specialized systems.

Enterprise Web Applications for Over 100 Satisfied Customers

Pandell has been providing leading edge web applications to enterprise organizations for over 15 years. Our experience and technology allows us to confidently build and support a wide range of customer solutions.

Pandell AP - Invoice Management

For Oil & Gas Companies

Pandell's Pandell AP is the first affordable, integrated electronic invoicing solution for the oil & gas industry. It enables faster receipt, coding, review, and approval of invoices to effectively reduce A/P processing costs by up to 70%. In partnership with the Cortex network of 4,000+ suppliers, and fully integrated with Pandell’s Pandell JV accounting system, Pandell AP connects it all to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

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Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS)

For Petrotranz

Petrotranz COTS is a web portal application that streamlines manual processes and securely shares documentation required in the transportation of crude oil from wellhead to market. Used by several of major pipeline companies, 60+ shippers, and 300+ exploration and production companies, COTS is a mission-critical application that has been in operation since 2009 and has maintained a 99.9% uptime track record.

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Government Tendering System

For the Government of Alberta

The Government Tendering System (GTS) enables government and public sector organizations to effectively manage the generation, posting, and award of procurement opportunities to the vendor community. The solution is used internally by 1,600+ Purchasers across 700 government units, and externally by over 47,000 vendors. Since it began operation in 2004, the solution has achieved a 99.99% uptime record and passed annual government security and system control audits.

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Government Electronic Payment System

For the Government of Alberta

The Government Electronic Payment System (GEPS) is a web solution that enables the Alberta Government to electronically receive, organize, approve, and automate payment of large volume invoices. Once posted invoices are approved, the system submits the invoices into the PeopleSoft ERP system for payment, providing an end-to-end solution. Today, this web application is used across 1,050 government organizational units and facilitates over 60,000 billing transactions each year.

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Government Expense Claims System

For the Government of Alberta

The Government Expense Claims System (ExClaim) is a web-based solution that facilitates the electronic submission, processing, and approval of employee expense claims. Once approved, expense claims are transmitted into the PeopleSoft ERP system for payment. Today, this solution is used across 1,050 government organizational units, supports over 33,000 users, and processes nearly 130,000 expense claims every year.

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Project Knowledge Network

For Golder Associates

The Project Knowledge Network (PKN) is a web solution that provides global organizations with the means to develop and utilize a comprehensive repository of project information, documentation and corporate expertise. Launched in 2002, the solution is now used by 8,000+ Golder personnel from 180 offices worldwide to securely access and search through more than 240,000 projects, and 165 GB of project documentation.

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