Pandell's Application Development is one of Pandell's 3 Divisions.

Calgary Based Web Application Development Built on Microsoft .NET Technology

Large-scale, secure, cross-browser software applications developed and supported for enterprise organizations.

Cross-Browser and Multiple Devices are Supported

Mobile applications have become vital to enterprise organizations.

Pandell has developed leading edge technology and the capability to rapidly deliver fully cross-browser applications that run on devices including iPad, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and the PC.

15+ Years of Enterprise Web Software Experience

Pandell successfully delivers applications to a wide range of enterprise organizations across North America.

A sample of our clients

Top 5 Reasons Companies Look to Pandell for Web Solutions

  • Impressive End User Applications
  • Quick Response to Client Requests
  • Deployed On-Schedule and On-Budget
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Sustainable Long-Term Support

Having the right people, a proven rock-solid process, and powerful technology to back it all up is essential to creating enterprise level software.

Experienced .NET Web Development Team

Pandell offers a cohesive team that is fast out of the gate and proficient in working together. With specialized expertise in the oil & gas and government sectors our team brings this domain knowledge to the table. Our experience with enterprise organizations ensures large scale solutions are deployed effectively.

Practical Planning, Development, and Support

Our customer-centric process focuses on delivering a positive end-user experience with quick turn-around on customer requests. The team effectively works with the client to manage scope, changes, schedule, and cost. Our long-term application support model maintains each solution so it works well into the future.

A Software Toolset that Speeds Development and Ensures Quality

Lithium version 4.0 is Pandell's web application toolset built on Microsoft's latest .NET technology. Its 3-tier architecture enables us to deliver rich, cross-browser software applications that are faster to build, easier to use, trouble-free to deploy, support, and maintain.

Pandell software applications are designed to be more scalable and secure than competitive solutions, perform better across the web, and readily integrate with other systems.

Familiar & Intuitive User Interfaces

Lithium’s cross-browser user interface library delivers rich, high performance, web interfaces that are easy-to-use and adhere to an industry standard look and feel (inspired by Microsoft Outlook). This reduces application training costs while increasing user satisfaction and productivity.

Reporting and Exporting

The report and export engines in Lithium provide on-demand or scheduled reports for the most demanding requirements. Reports can include a combination of tabular and graphically formatted information. Users can readily export information into a wide range of standard formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, XML).

Business Workflows

Lithium’s workflow engine orchestrates and streamlines complex business workflows involving different people, documents, forms, data, and applications. Along the way, Lithium's notification system keeps users informed of state changes, and the auditing engine ensures all workflow history is captured.

Audit Tracking

Compliance regulations and corporate standards typically require an in-depth level of auditing. Lithium’s built-in application auditing tells you exactly who did what, and when they did it. All user actions including data changes (down to field level value changes) and workflow events are recorded and the entire history is easily reviewable on demand.

Electronic Forms

Rich web-based electronic forms are designed and configured using the Lithium cross-browser user interface library. Information can be securely retrieved, displayed, edited, saved, approved, managed, and reported on, according to specific business application requirements.

Document Management

Lithium allows any type of document to be uploaded and stored. The built-in document management system is fully integrated with the security engine; which allows controlled access to individuals, roles, teams, or departments. Since Lithium applications are web-based, documents can be securely retrieved from anywhere.


Lithium includes a flexible security engine designed to meet the most demanding enterprise needs. User access is controlled with a standard user model or with more complex paradigms that cover security for roles, workgroups, departments, or divisional hierarchies. Single sign-on through network security is included to provide seamless access for users.


To ensure an organization is running efficiently, Lithium's notification engine automatically emails users of work they need to complete. Notification emails include secure links into the organization's web application so work items can be approved, reviewed, and edited without delay.

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